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Asses of the Month Billy Graham (maybe) and Franklin Graham (definitely)

With the 2012 Presidential race in full stride and coming down to the wire, we are still resisting the temptation to put Romney and/or Ryan as our Asses of the week, month, or year. It's not because they don't deserve it, and both Romney and Ryan have already  made the list once, Romney early on for displaying the only thing on which he is consistent, lying, and Ryan before he became the VP nominee for his plan to privatize Medicare without mentioning that his top contributors would benefit from theRead More

My Take on the First Debate

As the debate wraps up I am watching pundits on both side saying how great Mitt Romney did and how the President looked lackluster. I agree that the President wasn't as aggressive as I would like for him to have been, but I don't think it was a win for either side, unless by winning you mean Romney was running steadily left instead of still pulling to the right. I think Obama missed one great chance when he was cut off by Lehrer who has to be the worst moderatorRead More

I’m Tired of These Motherf**king Snakes in This Motherf**king Campaign

The language is a little rough so if you get offended easily….well, if you got offended easily you won't be here would you? Samuel Jackson has a message for you!

Romney Visits Hurricane Hit Area

Like he cares, unless he owns shares in a company that makes money off of natural disasters. Romney visited Louisiana due to an invite from Gov. Bobby "Let Me Exorcise Those Demons" Jindal. While there Romney's solution to at least one hurricane survivor was "go home and call 211" which is the number set up in some areas for public assistance. Of course, they may not have a phone, or a house, left after the floods but at least he didn't tell them to have the maid make the callRead More

The Presidential Race to Discuss Gun Control

As I've written repeatedly across the web, my views on gun control are changing. Yes, it is an impingement on our freedoms but we have lots of controls on those. We can't drive above a certain speed limit, we are required to register to vote (and the Constitution does call for that), we can't go directly to an airplane and board a commercial flight, we aren't free to shoot a gun anywhere we want, etc. No one is really sure that Mitt Romney believes all the right wing crap heRead More