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President Obama Nails the State of the Union Speech

Call it a campaign speech if you like, but it looks like President Obama just nailed the State of the Union Speech and drew a line in the sand.

By issuing directives to his administration to take certain steps, including opening up more areas to offshore drilling,  opening up public lands to be used for renewable energy, and announcing a military plan to being using renewable energy, he has drawn a line in the sand for the Repugs to respond.

It is clear that the disparity in American income levels and the treatment of the rich versus the treatment of the rest of us is, as epxected, to be a big part of the campaign.

My guess is that neither Gingrich nor Romney, whichever one gets the nomination (at this point I'm inclined to believe it may be the Newt) are going to be successful in gaining ground among the independents. Too rich and too dick-ish.

We'll see.

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