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Gun Control – Don’t Lose Sight of What Is Important

As I said in my last post, I'm in favor of some form of gun control to keep nuts from being able to kill a bunch of people with relative ease.

However, the problem is, again, that the two extremes are the ones bellowing and ranting and neither side is making any sense.

Every day I get asinine feeds from idiots babbling about how guns have been used to save people in a few situations. However, you are several IQ points below a moron if you believe that arming more people will prevent more deaths. Even with professionals such as the military and police, there are a lot of accidents and injuries/fatalities due to "friendly fire". The gun nut argument that if someone at the school had been armed the Newtown shooting wouldn' t have occurred is so ridiculous and predictable that I mentioned it when writing an article minutes after the shooting had occurred. Of course, Louie "Goober" Gohmert the U.S. Representative from Tyler, Texas was one of the first to make that statement but everyone already knew he was an idiot so no one was surprised. 

And, sorry folks, the Second Amendment doesn't say what you think it says, read it carefully. I understand that the Supreme Court says that people have a right to guns but they also say the Constitution guarantees the right to an abortion so either you agree with that or you have to admit they just get it wrong sometimes and are sell outs.

Besides, are you really telling me that Bubba's right to own an AK-47 or an AR-15 and thirty round clips outweigh a child's right to live? Bullshit.

Plus, stop the "hunter" BS. No real hunter hunts with one of these. People may like them, they may like to shoot them, but I'm pretty certain blowing things up with hand grenades would be fun too but we can't do that.

The NRA is now calling for armed guards in every school but, again you have the friendly fire argument not to mention the cost. Now, if you want to talk about placing a tax on guns and ammo or the companies that manufacture those to pay for increased school security, then I'm okay with that as a possible option although an on campus guard didn't make much difference at Columbine.

Idiots on the left, a barrel shroud, military sights, pistol grip, and a flash suppressor don't do anything to make the gun more lethal. 

Stop talking about the rate of fire with a semi-automatic, sure it fires a miniscule amount quicker than a revolver or a pump, but not much. The issue with semi-autos are the huge clips and how fast they can be swapped out which allows the most amount of carnage in the least amount of time.

A ridiculous piece on gun ads on HuffPo this morning got the left wing idiots stirred up, which in turn got the right wing idiots stirred up. Most of the ads they were talking about were for .22s and BB guns, neither of which are the problem. The liberals who let this drive them into a tizzy are just hurting the cause (with the exception of ad #  3 which has to be one of the worst ever).

Oh, by the way, if you look at that article then look for the idiotic comment form one person about "Connecticut gun laws worked in Lanza's case". I suspect the moron was trying to say that they worked because he didn't buy the guns himself or was turned down for them but anyone who states than any gun laws "worked" in any way with Adam Lanza is so stupid that …well, it's impossible to think of an analogy for someone that is that dumb.

26 people dead and the gun laws worked? 

Idiots everywhere.

P.S. God is pissed that some of you are blaming these deaths on the fact that we don't have prayer in school any more. He told me that he is everywhere, not just where you think he ought to be.

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