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Asses of the Month Billy Graham (maybe) and Franklin Graham (definitely)

Ass Of The Week Award

With the 2012 Presidential race in full stride and coming down to the wire, we are still resisting the temptation to put Romney and/or Ryan as our Asses of the week, month, or year. It's not because they don't deserve it, and both Romney and Ryan have already  made the list once, Romney early on for displaying the only thing on which he is consistent, lying, and Ryan before he became the VP nominee for his plan to privatize Medicare without mentioning that his top contributors would benefit from the plan.

October's Asses of the Month is a dual award, to renowned televangelist Billy Graham (maybe) and his son Franklin Graham.

I'll explain the (maybe) following Billy Graham's name in just a second.

As I mentioned in another post, I was born and raised a Southern Baptist and throughout my life I have heard Baptist preachers loudly proclaim from the pulpit as well as in conversations that Mormonism is a cult. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes and with no qualifiers. Mormonism is a cult. 

Billy Graham and Franklin GrahamPersonally, I never held that view, although I do see how they get the rap. I so now and have for many years had friends who are Mormons, just as I have friends that are Catholic, Pentecostal, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. I don't like it when any religious group downs another and normally the very thing that the Grahams have done would remove them from any potential designation as Asses.

However, in October, after a meeting with Mitt Romney and their decision to support him in his Presidential bid, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) was removed from its cult listing on Billy Graham's Evangelistic Association's website. The article in which Billy Graham specifically includes Mormons in the cult listing has been scrubbed from the website, but it is still available here on

Did they remove this because the Mormons no longer hold the same beliefs that they did when it was placed on the list?


Did they do it because what they consider to be the criteria for what is a cult has changed?


They did it because they want a Republican to win the Presidency. Either that or because they want the white guy to win.

Many people have doubts as to whether this 180 degree turn on a topic that is so grounded in evangelical beliefs is really a change in the views of Billy Graham or a manipulation by his radical right wing son Franklin, who has denied this and yet continues to act as his father's spokesperson rather than his father answering questions at a press conference of any kind. This is why I qualify whether Billy Graham actually won the award or whether Franklin proudly gets to carry it on his shoulders alone.

It is incredibly disturbing that the evangelicals in politics are so consumed with getting rid of the black guy, or the Democrat, that they are willing to completely ignore their core beliefs.

Either that, or they were not really beliefs in the first place and were just for show.

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