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Ass of the Week – Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Just to be clear, Greg Abbott gets this award not only on his own merits but also as a representative of the other asshats now using the Paris tragedy to deny access to Syrian refugees. To win the Ass of the Week award at a time when Donald Trump and Ben Carson are still speaking in public is something indeed!

Abbott is the same guy who was crippled while jogging and filed and collected on a multi-zillion dollar judgment, only to then spend as much time as possible on behalf of lawsuit reform and denying others the right to collect when they were injured.

In as blatant a pander to the right wing nutjob, teabagger, Jade Helm fearing, dimwits as it is possible to perform, Governor Greg Abbott today released a letter he was sending to the President essentially saying “we don’t want no stinking refugees in Texass” (no, that wasn’t a typo). 

Perhaps Abbott and the other idiots just don’t realize these people are running away from the terrorists! Watch for our next post on exactly what this letter and political position reminds me of.

I thought it would be impossible for Texas to get a Governor who was a bigger dumbass than Rick Perry but apparently I misunderestimated the lack of IQ that prevails in Texas politics today.

You can see the letter below.


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