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America’s Great Shame

America shouldn’t be ashamed because Trump is running for President. The country shouldn’t be ashamed because he is leading the Republican field (although, personally, I would be ashamed if I were a Republican).

The very fact that someone as thoroughly repugnant in every way as Trump (with his stubby little fingers) ┬áis the basis for why American can be the greatest country on Earth. If you don’t understand why, then you need to spend just a little while reading some books on history and political science.

The media should be ashamed. They are giving him free press, something that should be either jealously guarded or else given freely and divided equally. This free press allows him to maintain his coffers for later when other candidates have less. In addition, after the Iraqi war idiocy, the press should still be on grounded status, doing extra chores to regain their rights just as a petulant child would. A free press is important to a democracy but a press firmly in the hands of corporate masters and beholding to ratings and special interests is not a free press. It is a bought and paid for press, no better than a whore (male or female) doing whatever is asked for anyone willing to pay the price. And that’s without even considering the whole Fox “News” issue.

Now we are facing a Republican Senate who is choosing to not to do their Constitutionally mandated duty which will follow the President’s nominating a Supreme Court justice.

While they offer excuses and lies, particularly the one where they say a President never appoints a SCOTUS judge at this point in their term despite the fact that many have, their true reason is either politics or racism. My guess is it is racism at its basest and ugliest level. While their actions aren’t as severe as African Americans faced on an individual basis, this decision of theirs has effects far more momentous and far-reaching.


Throw the bastards out.

If the Democrats manage to take the Senate back then it is time to change the way we do business. The left no longer needs to be civil, no longer needs to try and work to an amicable resolution, and no longer needs to cater to the basest.

America doesn’t have to be ashamed but we Americans do.

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