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All Hail the Mighty Reagan

WARNING: This post may contain language offensive to some.

I watched Bill Maher the other night and,once again, Bill had one of the most offensive Republicans he could find on there, Grover Norquist. The only ones that are worse are Michelle Malkin (no, she's not hot she looks like a rabid fish) and Ann Coulter (who at least has hot hair).

Leaving aside the fact that Grover is at least partially to blame for the mess the USA is in, is incredibly pompous and could use a good bitch slapping, he mentioned Reagan so many times that I'm pretty sure that he not only has a man crush on a dead guy but may have blown him at some point.

Ronald Reagan was the first President I voted for, back before I realized that what you heard and read wasn't necessarily true and I took the time to really educate myself on issues. Plus, I saw him up close at rally in Houston along with Roy Rogers, a childhood icon.

Reagan did some good things but mostly he was a figurehead at a time when America needed a figurehead. Along with the slight amount of good he did he also did a lot of bad things including ignoring the AIDS issue until it was too late.

That's it. 

He wasn't a god, he wasn't the greatest President ever, and he didn't put this country on the right track.

And he was not what the present day Republicans say he was.

Reagan was in office for 8 years. During seven of those the tax rates were higher than the 35% they are today. In fact, in six of those years they were at 50% or more. EVERY year that he was in office the bottom rate was more than the current 10%. In 1983 the average income tax rate on a family of four was 11.06% whereas under Clinton it was 9.18%, and, wait for it, under Obama in 2010 it was 4.68%.

A few more interesting facts:

When Reagan implemented tax cuts in 1981, unemployment jumped to 10.8%.

A year later tax hikes were implemented in an attempt to get the deficit under control. Reagan raised taxes ten more times but was never able to catch up with the deficit he created by increasing spending and the tax cuts.

The federal debt during the Reagan administration increased to just under $3 trillion.

The story that Republicans are spreading about economic growth "exploding" after the 1981 tax cuts? A lie.

Reagan signed a bill giving amnesty to about 3 million illegal immigrants, rather than building electrified fences as many Republicans now advocate.

That whole Taliban and Osama Bin Laden thing? A result of Reagan's support of the anti-Soviet Islamist mujahdin fighters in Afghanistan. Reagan has been directly linked to the rise of Osama Bin Laden.  and .

So, after all, Reagan was just a President who did some good and some bad (he also vetoed an anti-apartheid bill). He was not all that and a bag of chips.

By the way, notice that I gave you sources for most of my statements. Sources that can be checked and, if you do so, those sources have sources that can be checked as well. See how it works?

As I read the various news sources, websites, and blogs across the "interwebs" I see a lot of the paid Repug trolls spewing the same nonsense but any time you ask them for he source, they don't post in that thread any more. 

Ignorance is going to kill our country, as is the spreading of dishonesty. Most of us Americans are too stupid to look up a fact, instead being more than willing to partake of the pre-chewed pablum that FAUX News spits out before promptly citing it to someone else to support the ignorant ass Republican plan.

FAUX News is not a source, is not reliable, and is not fair an balanced. Neither are the Republicans who spread this crap.

For God's sake, think for yourself.

I don't give a damn if you are conservative, just please have a real reason for it and be able to engage in a discourse without resorting to bullshit.

And someone please slap the shit out of Grover Norquist.

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