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Actual Job Numbers for the US

I made a post on the Huffington Post and I thought I would put it here as well.

Last week, some ignorant conservative with the screen name Dr. something or other, posted a idiotic statement about the President's socialist agenda and also about how the medical plan just affirmed by SCOTUS would be the ruination of America. Of course, I can understand how a doctor might get upset if it might interfere with his Bentley payments (it won't) but I was amazed at the number of "Amens!" he got from other idiots who don't understand the law, what socialism actually is, or most other things that we are facing in the 21st century.

Of course, when I asked him for numbers to support his wild ass theories I didn't hear from him again, as I never do once I ask for facts from a Repug.

However, for those of you interested here is my post with some actual numbers and, believe it or not, both primary and secondary sources for those numbers.

“Last week I asked a Republican poster how many government jobs had been cut since the President took office. Of course, as usual, the Repugs have no actual figures that support any of their allegations but when people start babbling about the unemployment numbers there are some real ones they ought to look at.

Since the Republicans decided their number one priority was in making sure that this President didn't get re-elected they have managed to cut 636,000 state and local jobs (

Under the President's control, the federal government , not counting the postal service, has grown by 143,000 employees, despite the Repugs best attempts to block that.

In addition, the private sector has gained 4,248,000 jobs. Compare that to the slightly more than 3 million jobs lost just before the President took office.

A little different than what Robo-money and the Repugs would have you believe. The simple fact is that even with the recession and the obstructionist tactics of the Repugs the President's ideas have worked. 

How would we be doing if McConnell's number on priority was America?”

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